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You can now use Snapchat directly from your Windows PC thanks to the newly-released official Snapchat app available from the Microsoft Store.

The new Snapchat for Windows App brings a more integrated Snapchat experience to the Windows … [+] desktop.


Snapchat has been, for many years, confined strictly to mobile devices, before finally appearing on the Web earlier this July. Powered by Snapchat for Web, the new app lets you take full advantage of the larger screen and keyboard of a laptop or desktop PC while adding better integration with Windows than the pure browser-based experience.

How To Use Snapchat on Windows

To use Snapchat for Windows, simply open the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC, search for ‘snapchat’, and click the ‘get’ button. Once it has downloaded, the ‘Get’ button will change to read ‘Open’. Click it, and the app will launch, greeting you with a sign-in window. You will, however, need to have your phone nearby to authorize the connection.

Snapchat for Windows runs as a progressive web app, which is essentially Microsoft Edge pre-packaged with Snapchat software so as to offer the same look and feel as a standalone app. This design keeps the app very small, at just over a megabyte, so there’s no need to worry about waiting for a massive download. Because it behaves just like a regular Windows app, you can easily place a Snapchat shortcut on your desktop or pin it to your taskbar and receive standard Windows pop-up notifications. Snapchat for Windows is free to use for all Snapchat users.

You don’t need to use the app

If you don’t want to download the app, the web version of Snapchat is still available and can be accessedy from Windows by visiting and clicking the button marked ‘Log in to chat’. This will update any local Snapchat files automatically, if required, and log you in via your preferred browser. Do this if you just want to access Snapchat quickly without installing anything locally.

Not the full Snapchat experience,

Unfortunately, Snapchat for Windows (and on the Web) misses out on several advanced features found in the iOS and Android apps. However, the basic functions are there, including the ability to reply and react to chats with video filters. Snapchat has promised to add more features in the future if there’s enough demand.

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